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Going Toward the NexGen of Nails

Leah beautifully polished NexGen nails

This week, as promised, I was able to find a nail salon that does NexGen nails. Since I told you guys I would let you know how it went, I thought I would fill you in. First off, so far I really like them! I got them on Friday, and they look great. Unlike Shellac, or gel, they won’t crack, and unlike fake nails they won’t grow out or break off, or get annoyingly too long. NexGen nails claims that they are safe for your nails, and I have to say it seems like they are way more safe than fake nails, and even gel. The process was fairly fast… It is a four part process. NexGen provides four labeled polishes (clear) that the manicurist uses. Also, the color you pick is not a normal nail polish, it is actually a powder. I don’t know how many of you have had acrylic nails, but it is the same powder they use over your whole nail and the tip. They do one hand and then the other. They do buff your nail a little, but it is not anything like getting fake nails, where they basically make your real nails paper thin. I think these will definitely be popping up in more and more salons – anyone I know that has tried them loves them. They also are pretty affordable (well kind of- depends on how much you normally spend on your nails), especially if they do last a good amount of time. Mine were $35, plus a tip, but acrylics are costly and I find them to be sort of annoying feeling, they don’t last all that long, and ugh I can’t pick things up when I have them haha. Here is the link to the NexGen nails website. They talk about the benefits, the process, etc.

So What Is The Process?

  • They paint the clear polish (#1) on, which is a prep polish
  • Next they paint the (#2) polish on, and whatever color you chose for your nails they dip the tip of your finger in to the correct colored powder. They shake off the excess powder, and after they get through all five nails they go back and repeat the exact same process. They did it three times for each nail. (NexGen now has a ton of colors they provide)
  • After they have done both hands, they put the (#3) clear polish on. They let it sit for a few seconds, and then shape the nail, and smooth out the surface of the powder on your nails.
  • They then put a finishing top coat (#4) on, and let it sit for about five minutes. That was the only waiting period, it dries really fast!!

How Are They And How Long Will They Last?

I really do like them so far. Whenever you want to take them off, they said it is kind of like Shellac, they place your nails in cotton with a little acetone, and let it sit for a minute until the polish comes off. Each time you go, even if you want to keep them, you remove it completely,  and then they will either redo what you had, or you can choose a new color. To me the nails seem like a hybrid of fake nails, and of polish or Shellac. The nice thing is, it is all your real nail, instead of a fake tip, but they have the durability of a fake nail since they use the same type of powder. I believe they can also add length with NexGen, but I like my nails short so I kept them just my normal length. NexGen is really something that you guys should give a try though if you want nails that are pretty, and durable, and that look natural. They are lightweight (unlike acrylics), and because of the way the process is done, where it is more of a thin durable polish on your nails, no water or anything can get under the polish, and cause problems like it can with fake nails. I think all of these features will help them last a good amount of time. They should last until your nails get too long, and you just want to have them redone.

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